Total Clients Satisfaction Life Cycle

Our clients are safeguarded by the Total Clients Satisfaction Life Cycle, comprising a variety of services that we provide in the realization of the client’s needs. These services components are explained as following:

Clients’ requirements are gathered by the architectural and engineering design team to translates the concepts into designs that are both aesthetically appealing and functionally reliable.

Each prospective construction project is cost analysed in expenditure to provide our clients an expected cost effective method and proper budget control.

An undertaken project is then constructed with expedition and quality in mind by our experienced project managers who have the expertise to meet clients’ needs with regard to safety, quality and time.

We concern sustaining functionality of a completed project, which handed over to our client. Our dedicated team will respond and attend swiftly to any maintenance request.

All projects are evaluated and exercised in Risk and Environment Management by integrating aspects of Quality, Safety, Health and Environment. We are certified to OHSAS 18000 for Safety and Health and ISO 14000 for Environment.

We are committed to quality, and to provide confidence to our clients that their needs will always be met, we have formalised all quality related work activities through a quality system that is based on the ISO 9002 standards.

We offer services in a totally format to facilities to project co-ordination. This packaged form or “Turnkey Proposal” is where we combine our Design and Engineering with Construction to form a Design and Build project co-ordination team.